TEAMS Interactive Training

A bit more about TEAMS Interactive

Trainingfor Training


  • Bi-Monthly live interactive video session with you, your new accountability team and your Executive Advisor, Kat Nesbit.
  • On the opposite weeks you’ll be meeting with your peers in the same live interactive video sessions. You’ll be in breakout rooms of 6 or less designed to allow for conversation. You’ll have a spotter too but the spotlight is on you as thinkers and learnings.
  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • Text & email access directly with your coach 24/7 (though we might not answer quite that fast!)

Education for Education


  • Each live interactive video session we take on another course in your curriculum.  We share a brief lesson and together we explore how this works, or doesn’t currently, in your business. Then you take turns in the “Hot Seat”.
  • You’ll have weekly lessons sent straight to your inbox from our E-Learning system.
  • You’ll alsp be getting an optional weekly webinar series designed to supplement your learning.

Accountabilityis for Accountability


  • You get to join small groups of 4 to 6 each. You will be meeting on the second week of the month.
  • Your coach & trainer drops into each session supporting your experience while you support each other.
  • Your personalize KPI spreadsheet will be your guide for practical success and you and your coach meet once a month to discuss it.
  • Your feelings will be your guide for personal success so expect start getting more familiar with yourself.
  • You 1:1 coaching sessions will also include expectations and outcomes.

 Mastermindingis Masterminding

  • Each live session one of our associates take the Hot Seat and shares what’s not working in their business. As a team we get to help them explore new ideas, new strategies and new tactics they can take away and implement now in real time.
  • We then help them prioritize the best opportunities and brainstorm how to implement them.
  • Then we get to be there to see the results and help them course-correct when appropriate or find some better problems when the problem is solved.
  • Additionally, once a month you’ll get into your mastermind group that has been formed specifically for your growth focus. Every member of your group shares that same focus.
  • You are able to learn from your associates learning and your own!

Systemis for Systems

  • TEAMS participated training is designed based on the newest science of the mind and our ever-changing knowledge of how we learn. This program is never quite the same in how we offer it because of this. We are constantly making minor adjustments based what we learn in books and what we learn in the field.
    • Everything is taught and offered in a Socratic environment giving the mind the opportunity to process through conversation and story, which might come in the form of analogy, experience shared, anecdote or fable, all keeping the imagination enticed.
    • The activities we ask of you has been painstakingly created (or borrowed when we find really juicy ones) as frameworks or elements of allowing for rote learning and memorization of nearly every “how” you must execute to get better and better at being great at being you.
    • We will be asking you to manually write your take-aways during our sessions and then transferring them to your member portal. This ensures that your mind is now, like it or not, considering the words you have written and is preparing for action!

As participants you have the opportunity to forge life long friendships with like minded people. Some of the ways we support the development of that are:

  • Group chats.
  • An online bulletin board system.
  • Shared contact information for all teams members (unless requested otherwise) after the first 2 months.
  • The Facebook group
  • Be real.

The content of our live TEAMS interactive training sessions, SMART Leadership, is only now being taught in schools (like Harvard I might add) and though you can buy a book and read about it there is nothing that can replace the real life experience; getting feedback, getting support and learning in action. This is what turns information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding.

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