3.3-SMART Business Development

What is SMART Business Development?

Our SMART Business Development is a framework for making the business of your business simple. It makes knowing what to do now and next easy because it helps you get clear on what’s not working or needs support in relations to today’s marketplace. It makes getting things done the centerpiece of your conversations and meetings. It makes real time conversations about now time initiatives happen not only at the top but throughout your organization.

How? Through simplicity and relevance. As you can see, at it’s base, it is a very simple process framework. It’s SMART. And, because I’ve been coaching businesses for over 12 years, this is it’s fourth iteration. As we evolve, so do our tools.

So why should you bother to embrace yet another new system?

Because we can all talk about what to do. In fact, we do, all day long! But, talking about how in a constructive manner, now that’s special! 

Because talking about it in the form of results, now that’s productive! 

And because talking about it in real time relative your business activities, now that’s business. 

That’s SMART Business!

Does every department of your business know clearly how they contribute to or detract from your bottom line? Are they included in all new initiatives so they know how they may support them and can consider ideas you haven’t even thought of.

Are your department heads accountable to supplying you good data so your leadership can make qualified decision? Have you given them the tools needed to do so?

This is the framework my clients and I use to answer these questions and design their company’s growth strategies.

You don’t need me. Go ahead, sit down, grab a pen and paper…

What is the problem you solve for your clients and potential clients? Not, what do you do, what problem do you solve? 

This is big stuff! Really dig into it. Is it a relevant problem? Will it be in five years? if not, what will? How will this problem be evolving? Is it an expensive problem? Why? Can you make it cheaper? More fun? Prettier? More functional? Anything you want to change? 

Then explore how you can communicate to each of your departments their invaluable part in that solution. Do so and get their feedback on how they think they could contribute. Do this collectively in departments and then across departments. 

Get your teams to start diversifying and building more teams with different views.

If you don’t already, learn to hold productive, expeditious meetings.


Make some choices. 

Design a plan.

Define the metrics.

Set up the infrastructure to track stuff. 


And then, GO GO GO!

Do this exercise in depth with each of the SMART areas of your Business with your people. You will never need outside resources to design and build your company’s future ever, ever again.

Or, get in touch with us and do this faster and easier because we’ve done it a lot.

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