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Our Approach

As an Executive Advisor, I spend most of my time coaching middle-aged white guys; business owners who’ve seemingly lost their passion for the business that used to be their dream. No bias, just true. And though I’m not a middle aged white guy, I can sure relate to loosing your passion in your dream. Through overworking, a lack of clear directives, and short-sightedness, I have lost my way. Thankfully, I”m stubborn as an old goat and learned from my experiences too.

We FIX “failure”. We fix it together.

Here’s the thing, there is NO MAGIC PILL.  Changing course is work.  It’s actually, even more work than you’re doing now. And yet, my clients hang in, they stick it out. They do it because they get results. That’s it. They see effective, positive change. (Check out my testimonials for affirmation.) Oh, wait… It is highly likely this “really hard time” you put in with us is going to be a lot shorter and more fun than what you’ve been enduring.

Isn’t that why you’re here right now? Because you miss the feeling of kicking behind and taking names? Feels good, right? Want some more of that? Then, thank goodness you’re here.

Our aim is to get you where you want to go efficiently and with a bit of fun. Some of you, right now, are thinking, “Ok, that’s cool, but can you deliver?” But, most of you, if you’re willing to be honest, are actually saying to yourself, “How can you get me where I don’t know I want to go? I mean, I want success but don’t ask me to define that. It doesn’t feel particularly clear anymore.”

It amazes me the assumption that we’re all supposed to know where we want to go when, traditionally, we have offered our children, our students, and our teams and most of our leaders no experience, or even practice, at considering the question out loud! So please don’t quietly suffer and fret if you’re not sure what “there” looks like. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

This is what great leaders know that you don’t… yet!

My experience is that this is why having a coach, a trainer, a spotter, mentor, guidance counselor and all the variations of support team members whose job it is to support your clarity is so freakin’ valuable… and all too rare in our popular, current teaching and training models. The trend is changing though and in some circles, it’s getting pretty cool to do what highly successful individuals have been doing for centuries – having coaches and teams to talk to about their hopes and fears and to gain clarity on them through that process.

Our Leadership


As you can see you’ll get to know me pretty easily floating around these pages especially if you subscribe to my blogs, and/or watch the various videos on our site. I have been growing somebody’s business (starting with and including many of my own) since I can remember. Being at the very tail end of the boomer era I have a ridiculous work ethic. Being me, I grew up with the idea that my job was to improve myself – no matter. This has made me something of a pain in the rear for nearly every boss I’ve ever had. Jump one hurdle, looking for the next. I do not advocate you attempt to maintain this pace alone. I can tell you from experience it does not work. Something has to give and it’s usually you… until you learn to use your team.

I shoot from the hip. Some would say I can be very direct. I was once given the nickname Sandpaper. If you are looking for life coaching or, personal affirmation, I am not the coach for you. That said, I’ve also been accused of being a little “woo-woo”. I show up with great compassion and care for my clients; a deep understanding of the science behind how the mind works, and I push you. If you are ready to build yourself as a leader and your business as a legend you are in the right place.

I also work with teams. I like working with teams. They’re fun and I’m better at working with them than I am one-on-one… though some of my clients would argue that.

I have fun working with teams because I am able to help them create dynamic change within and without. This was the impetus behind our company program TEAMS. It was two years in development and I am so pleased to say that it is here!

However you got here, thank you so much for coming.

Our Qualifications

I bank more CCE hours per year than any coach, trainer, consultant, or advisor I know… at about 100. I have trained with Cynthia Lloyd Darst,  Andrew Neitlich and most recently (2016) Judith Glazier, where I a became a C-IQ Practitioner. I attend the World Business and Executive Coach Summit annually and have since it’s inauguration in 2010. Every year I choose at least one live event in my field to attend.

I communicate under the aegis of a Learning Process Expert. In other words, I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to learn why and how our minds do what they do and to apply this science to our interactions and my requests of you. All of our programs and training are designed from this perspective as well. What sets us apart from other business advisors is my life-long learning philosophy; ever and again we bring fresh ideas, fresh tools and the newest science to our work.

My serial entrepreneurial affliction brings a solid business background to our conversations. Oh, and my college education was in Accounting and I’ve found that very handy over the years.

Next Steps…

So what’s next for you? Keep thinking about it? Keep searching for the “right” help? Are you ready for something new!

In the words of Albert Einstein,“Nothing Happens Until Something Moves!” Are YOU that something?



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