Thanks for your interest in our member resources. Everything in here is free! Well, it’s free of charge. I do ask for something in return – access to your inbox. Having one of my own I know how valuable it is and would be honored if you considered it. Should you dare to share, we will do our best to bring you relevant content and conversations, always.

The number of resources that you can find on the Internet can be painfully overwhelming.

Here, we aim to reduce the time and energy you will spend seeking the tools and resources you want. Some are from us, many are not. All of them, my team and I have used &/or use. You’ll find articles, suggested reading, videos, assessments, content and companies for you to consider. If you’re working with us already, it’s also likely your advisor sent you here for something specific so go get it!

Remember, this list is ever growing, ever evolving so bookmark this page to keep up with those changes and we will continue to provide you with recommendations on which resource may be most helpful in moving you forward in achieving your goals.

That is why we created this forum; to give you the easiest tool possible to share your thoughts, wants and needs, and to give you access to a PILE of tools I’ve been collecting and creating for over 15 years. Though there is no restriction to joining, it does take a bit of interest. So you’re clear, if you join this group, you’re speaking to people looking to solve issues around communications, marketing, leadership, and team development.

We encourage you to share with us what’s going on for you, what’s working and what’s not.

A life time of resources




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