3.4 – Disclosure, Millennials & Gen Z

Disclosure, Millennials & Gen. Z

We could list forty links here that support our statement. Then again, we could stop waisting your time. If you don’t know this already, you’ve been in a self-made tunnel.

So lets talk about the implications and some tools for change instead.

That’s more fun!

From Coach Kat: I am at the very tail of the boomer era. Many of my colleagues are retiring and I deeply hope that my marketing team continues to reaches Millennials and Gen Zers and that I get to work them more and more. I already do and enjoy it very much.

You challenge me in many ways and make this work more fun because of it.

In the following, I refer to you as they. I’ve done this for two reasons.

  1. I’m not one so I’m not going to pretend I am.
  2. It is also my hope that this helps disassociated managers (no matter their age) to view what they’ve been told a bunch so they may get something out of this. 

We Boomers have brutal and unhealthy work ethics. We expect suffrage and we thought we’d get to have fun after retirement… which is why I left corporate so young and started working with small companies and entrepreneurs. At least there, I was expected to have a personality and style.

With my ego, that was important.

Misunderstanding Millennial and Gen Z Motivation

The point.

We raised our children not to wait. To have fun and seek contribution because these things are fulfilling and they make life worth living.

And then we got really agro when they listened!

They’re just looking for meaning and appreciation in life. In all parts of their life and while they’re still able to dance about it. Lighten up and enjoy the good vibes!

Oh, and heres a recent Gallup Poll that supports this.

Gen Z? The pendulum swung, of course!

They’re looking for security and they actually expect to work hard to get it. Don’t get all excited. They are woefully undereducated and need training BADLY in everything from social skills to the job at hand. 

They also really want to change the world, dramatically! They want no pigeon holing, no pat answers, individuality, and universal acceptance, with the understanding that everything is in constant change, including them. WOW!

A really interesting thinktank company called Irregular Labs has a grand idea about data in this new age and they have an insightful report you can get at their site.

So what does this mean to you, the leader, no matter your age, generation, or ideology?

It means you damn well better learn to be comfortable in your own skin!

You want to learn to be authentic, honest, vulnerable, and personally evolutionary or you, like so many companies that slowly and painfully disappear, will be dismissed… soon.

How are you going to do that? 

It’s not hard, just new. You want to get leadership training. You want practice leading yourself and you want the room to experiment with this stuff.

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