SMART TEAMS Leadership for Teams

This program is for companies looking to grow their teams and grow their leadership, and management, to accommodate that growth. It is focused on leadership through the lens of business so we’ll be bringing in real-business initiatives, developing them, and tracking them throughout the program.
It is conducted over the course of 6 months, begins with 1:1 interviews of each team member, then an in-person over 3 days which can be done on-site or here on lovely Saint Simons in our facility (your choice) and is followed up by monthly group meetings, 1:1 coaching sessions, and monthly KPI reviews. We’ll then wrap up with another in-person event. This one is for two days and gives you the tools to rinse a repeat at will.
This combination of pro-active training, just in time education, and accountability across all members of the team gives you the most optimal results and most fun opportunity to learn and grow as a team and as individuals.
It’s suitable for Entrepreneurial teams, C Suite teams, department heads, and groups looking collaborate at their best.
There are no prerequisites.
There is a ton of science on the value of this and if you’re interested email us, we’ll send you an entire list of references. Just click the email icon or contact us page and enter ” The Science behind Social Learning” in the subject line and we’ll gladly share it all. Meanwhile, we here to focus, not distract you so moving on…

Our framework:

Everything that makes a good leader is teachable and learnable. How cool is that? Why it hasn’t been part of a standard curriculum in high school or available in college (until very recently, including Harvard in 2014 & starting at $15k) is a again, a conversation for another day. For our purposes, HOORAY!!!!
We’re going to take you through the five core elements of SMART Leadership and help you build and hone these skills. We will be using a combination of on-line and off-line resources, Zoom video meetings, study teams, your course curriculum, and homework (your private work.) We’ll have learning pods, discussions, Hot Seats and, live Q&A every session we meet.
Our Team Leadership Curriculum is broken into two quarters, which is one less than our individual group classes. That’s because you have the advantage of immersion. Your entire team is doing this and so your learning is reinforced faster for deeper learning.
You learn best in action and this can be vulnerable work. If you’re not willing to get a little scared, to show a little underbelly, do not sign your people up for this course. We will all be disappointed and you will be wasting your time.

Leadership 1.0: Our 3 Days Together

You can’t lead others until you know yourself well enough to do it with confidence. That is the core purpose of this course. The secondary purpose is to get you familiar with the concepts and dynamics that will build on from here.
  • Self Awareness and its Value
  • Getting to know Your Saboteurs
  • Embracing the Performance Stress Curve
  • SCARF, A Model for Collaborating with and Influencing Others
  • Some Science about Neural Pathways & Energy
  • Getting to know Your Values
  • Resilience: Where Are You Now, How can you Build It as a Team and Individually
  • Co-Creation; The Benefits of We, Blind Spots, & The Conversational Dashboard
  • Humanizing Conversations
  • Communications: How To, Even for those really sticky subjects
  • Your Team’s Code of Conduct, we’ll build it, together
  • Team Engagement
  • Team Development

Leadership 2.0: The next 5 months

The multi-platform design makes this time useful for late twenty-somethings through retirement.
The primary purpose of this time is to move your initiatives across the finish line with fun and ease.
We also intend that you will be able to see yourself in the reflection of others and be pleased with what you see.
You will also be growing mad skills in communicating with others.
  • Habits for being Real Time Present
  • Some Science about Neural Pathways & Energy
  • Future Pacing, Balance the Wheel, & Time Management
  • Getting to know Your Values
  • Resilience: Where Are You Now, How can you Build It
  • What’s your Default Leadership Style(s)
  • How to Develop the Other Styles – they all have their place
  • How to Coach Others to Success
  • Some Science about the Brain Rewiring Process
  • Delegation not Abdication
  • Master 1:1 Interactions & Pre-Planning
  • Aspiring Conversations

Leadership 3.0 – Our in-person wrap up.

Now that you’ve been working on “self” for many months, we look forward to taking your good mental hygiene habits and notching them up.
The secondary purpose of this visit is to learn how bringing this conversation to your teams has gone. What’s been great about it? What’s not so smooth?
The tertiary intention is to support you in becoming self-sustaining.
  • Cultivating Mindfulness amidst Your Workday
  • Resilience: Where Are You Now, How To Maintain It
  • Always Have Fantastic Meetings
  • Engage & Mobilize; let your teams’ team(s) do the heavy lifting
  • Synchronizing
  • Your Next Initiatives and the KPIs
This might seem like a lot. I’m telling you right now it is. This is a program for teams that are truly ready for change, excitement, and daring. This is a program for teams seeking greatness!

Course Information

Estimated Time: A 6 month team intensive.

Course Instructor

Kat Nesbit Kat Nesbit Author

Working often in more of a mentorship role and often including training and team engagement, I work with small and mid-sized firms helping them be better at doing what they find valuable and important. I help people develop themselves and their teams. You want to be a better you; better leader, better manager, more time, better peace of mind knowing you're focussing on the right things that are actually moving your company to successful service? Do you want to figure out the metrics that actually produce results in your business? You want your team inspired to extraordinary results? I can help. My areas of a focus are medical practices, usually alternative, and independent hospitality endeavors. I am not limited.

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