3.6-Business Fail Rates

Business Fail Rates

If you clicked this link either you’re REALLY avoiding decision making or you’re in a very “brown cloud” place. You can find a million reason to do nothing! To sit and wait until there is nothing that can be done. Don’t be average. Don’t do as I and so many others have done.

Don’t let your future smack you in the face because you didn’t block it. Yes I said I. How else did I get so smart? I made a lot of mistakes!!!! And I’ve recovered from every one of them… the hard, long, slow way. By rebuilding from scratch with the new lessons hard won.

Be different. Be wise. Let go of being right or wrong and just consider that your stuck and wavering.

If you think that this coaching and training stuff is about me talking and you listening, me blabbing away and you not learning, arguing on the inside, and finding fault in what I have to say, reconsider because you’re wrong. This coaching training thing is about creating a safe place, a sounding board, and mirror to your thoughts, ideas, and expectations. And then it’s about having the experience, the education, and the knowledge you don’t yet have and sharing it so that you, from the perspective of you and your company’s very unique situation, may make YOUR best choices and plans of action. And finally, helping you stay in integrity with yourself; helping you do what you said you would do with tools, toys, team and conversation.

Effect SMART change NOW while you still have energy and team and hope. Stop the busy work, the distracting work and let’s get to what’s essential in moving your company, or team, forward and into great success. Quit “knowing” you need to do something and do something. Something that makes sense… like picking up the phone and calling us. I will personally return your call (unless you explicitly ask me not to) to let you speak out loud about what’s not working so you can get outside of yourself and look at it. Look at your situation with more objectivity and less guilt. Look at your company considering solutions and the future, not the present and what you think you’re failing at.

People are relying on you for their jobs! Their hopes! Their future! Let them. They trust you. There must be a few good reasons. Don’t flub it up now. Get strategic, get mindful, learn more resilience, remember the tenacity that got you here and let us hold you accountable to trusting yourself in action… again.

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