1:1 Coaching with the 5 Point Client Breakthrough System

1:1 Coaching & the 5 Point Client Breakthrough System

In case you haven’t noticed, I like systems. I like them a lot. I like them because without them I’d be lazing in a field with a laptop, a note pad, an iPad, some sketch pads, charcoal and pencils with 5 projects started, none of them finished while playing with the dog and, in the back of my head, worrying frantically about my next action steps.

I am a quick start all the way and without a system to see me through, I stall. And so can my team, if I’m not paying attention and being the leader I need to be. In my case, one driven by systems.

I am a firm believer that solid systems improve everything and are imperative in business and doubt many would argue. And, for those of you who can relate to what I just said, they are imperative. Not a nice to have. A must install and instill element of your workday.

And, if you’re like me, you also have to give someone permission to call you on your bullshit when you tell them all is good when your surfing without a leash.

The 1:1 Client Breakthrough System...

  1. I help you clarify what success is for you. And that is going to change at any given moment and no you’re not crazy. You are complex. Yes, we’ll define your overarching goals but more importantly, you’re active now goals. The ones that if you meet them will put you in a place of joy and receptiveness. In a place to better attain those loftier goals. 
  2. Strategize your actions. Understanding all plans are foiled to some degree or another, and understanding that without them we’d have nothing to foil, we come up with a plan and prioritization of things.
  3. We look at your skills. There could be certain skill sets you need in order to achieve some of your results. You may need better communication skills or time management skills. We build a plan for getting you those skills.
  4. Number four is to help you optimize your environment inside and out. In my experience, this is the biggest area of neglect for people and one of the most important. It’s not always easy and we fail at it a lot. AND THATS OK!!! If you don’t already know it, you really want to learn that’s OK. You want to get back on the horse. Optimizing your environment could be helping you to cultivate a personalized morning ritual, it could be helping you let go of a “brown cloud” employee you’ve been hoping would change, it could be talking you into a new wardrobe, a smaller house, who knows? At it’s core, it’s helping you to define your life without stress and then giving you the tools and room to explore and let that happen.
  5. The final element; we track it. We often doubt or, worse yet, ignore our gut feelings. Choosing to do so has created a slower journey to personal growth, as a society. Even science is now confirming¹ that our gut plays a vital role in forming our opinions and informing our thoughts about a thing. We want to start listening!
So we’re going be working on possible new benchmarks.
  • How do you feel?
  • How are others responding?

And likely some you’re familiar with too:

  • What are the outcomes?
  • What’s the data say?

We’re looking to learn if we’re doing well and improving things with more than our analytical selves.

Are you making new habit’s and forming new neural pathways? Are you effecting the changes you wanted to see not just in results but in how you and your people feel? Are you having fun? Do you want to come to work? Are your interactions enjoyable, fruitful? How’s your energy at the end of the day?

Footnote 1: Learn more about the gut, brain connection.

And yes, certain foods do make you feel a certain way.

And if that didn’t get your attention, we’re now learning extensively about the relationship between our hearts and our minds. New research in neuro-cardiology is confirming what ancient seers have always said: that the heart is our source of being, wisdom and intuition. Researchers have discovered that the heart actually sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Learning how to clear the filters that happen between heart and brain enables us to access our heart intelligence, unfold our higher potentials and become who we truly are.

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