Ready to Play? Ready to Dream? Ready to Soar? Ready to Grow? Ready to Have Fun? Ready to Change? Ready to Shine? Ready for a New View? Ready to be a Leader? Ready for a Thriving Team?
Ready to Play?
Bring the joy and fun back.
Ready to Dream?
Remember spending all day like this?
Ready to Soar?
Just Spread your Wings.
Ready to Grow?
Let's build something monumental!
Ready to Have Fun?
While working!
Ready to Change?
Let's free your creativity!
Ready to Shine?
Let your inner-self be seen.
Ready for a New View?
Burst free of your current habits!
Ready to be a Leader?
Start inspiring your people.
Ready for a Thriving Team?
Lead By Example.
Still struggling to master Home Run company initiatives?
Still trying to get those process maps built and distributed, and your people trained on them?
Find Solutions
Find focus in your team(s) isn’t where it needs to be?
If your people aren't growing with your company they're growing out of your company.
Find Solutions
Does your company have a culture or an attitude?
Do your teams work together? Do your individuals want to be on your teams?
Find Solutions
Short on time, resources, or clarity even with a team of people around you?
Consider it's not all of them and you need some new skills.
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Why Choose Us

Your Results

Because EQ = Money   Because EQ = Money    Because EQ = Money    Because EQ = Money    Because EQ = Money

Your Results

Because engagement is the degree to which employees are psychologically invested in your organization.

Your Results

Because without strategic focus and an executable plan you will not succeed and, this stuff cannot be done in a silo.

Your Results

Because Millennials take it personally & Gen Z plain quits listening when you do not define your goals up front and out loud.

Your Results

Because social learning fires mirror neurons. We learn faster and more comprehensively in the reflection of each other.

Your Results

Because entrepreneurs have a fail rate of 62% within the first 6 years!

Our Current Courses

TEAMS Leadership

Experience the missing link and discover the tools you've been seeking to help you and your company put your big kid underpants on.

Course Progress20%
DurationThree Months

TEAMS Money & Data

Discover you're not near as slow as your account has led you to believe... AND learn to love your P&L, productivity stats, the joy of inventory, and so much more!

Course Progress40%
DurationThree Months

TEAMS Business

We're going analyze your business through our proprietary SMART Model... a cross departmental view to your solution. Then we're going to fix it.

Course Progress20%
DurationThree Months

Featured Program

As with all of our programs, the platform for change is TEAMS: Training, Education, Accountability, Masterminding, and Systems Development, and the process framework is Teams SMART: Creating synergy, motivation, accountability, results-driven purpose and projects, where each member is trusted and trustworthy, teams.
This is a six-month program and starts with assessments of where you are; your product or solution, your market position, accountability in teams and with leaders, where your systems are and how well you’re tracking results. From there we set an outcomes plan and design our strategy. An onsite kicks things off and the subjects we cover will be based on our discovery. For the next months, we will team and individual coach, and group meet within the TEAMS structure to nail your outcomes.

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