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Kat Nesbit, Executive Advisor to Business Large & Small

Want more out of your business?

Then you’re going to have to put more into it. Yes, I said that. Not more time. It likely owns all you have now! Not more energy. Is there any left? And not any more “how” thinking. I’ll bet you’ve got hours of that stowed away.

You need to put more strategic thinking or more definitive action or more strategic thinking and definitive action and less of everything else into your business. And I mean everything; less time managing, less time doing the task that is your company widget and less time poring over the books deciding you’re unsure of what you see because you’re stuck in the “how loop”. It is time to put your team to work, use all the good hands and minds in the building and, let’s say it together, start working smarter not harder.

As of 2014, about 6,000 baby boomers retire every day. While millennials are moving into and upward in organizations, research (by Deloitte) shows that they’re not developing leadership skills at the rate needed to replace retiring leaders. In fact, a 2015 Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) survey of 2,339 managers in 24 organizations found that for 20 identified leadership competencies, the level of proficiency is inadequate “across countries, industries, and organizational levels.”

The importance of effective leadership development is undeniable. Recent research by Training Industry and The Center for Leadership Studies found that across generations, “leaders are better prepared to influence the behavior of followers and followers are more receptive to direction when effective leadership development programs are in place.”

So why should you, the entrepreneur or young manager, be any different? Are you developing your skills as needed? Are you learning to create dynamic team conversations, invite creative thinking, encourage trust between teams and departments? Do you have training in place for your team? Is your company thriving in your competent, enthusiastic hands?

My name is Kat Nesbit and I’m and Executive Advisor, to Businesses Large & Small. I’ve been doing this for some time and I love what I do!

Do you remember when you felt the same way? Looking at my statement above, were you angry when you read it? Did it occur to you to call me up and tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about?  Did it hit home in some way and maybe more now that you think more on it? It’s likely you’re a medium sized business. Medium sized business hurts. It’s time for some rudimentary changes to your structure, your systems, and YOUR job and it’s likely you don’t know the smartest next steps and you’re standing on shaky ground.

You are in Phase II Developmental pain.

My challenge to you is, get out of it! Get a mentor, get some training, get educated on what you don’t know, join or build a think tank, a mastermind, a group of growers, THINK and make some choices. Grow or shrink and design your transition rather than play victim to it.

Of course, I have a program designed for exactly this situation. And, of course, I’m trained at guiding you to become a leader. And yes, even you can easily learn and embrace the changes you need to make to shift you and your company and thrive! Because life is more fun than it feels right now.

If you’re not ready to get out of pain, stay here a minute. Look around. Grab something free. Listen to a few blogs. Go and look at our tools and resources. Check out our services. Consider what might be the best fit for you. And then call or email if you like. You came here because you want help with something, you want to change something. Don’t let me discourage you or distract you from your purpose. Again, consider what might be the best fit for you and then choose the best next step to claiming the change you want because your company, your people and you are worth saving.


  1. Put a time frame on it.
  2. Give yourself a tangible set of guidelines/rules/must haves.
  3. Decide what you’ll accept (internal or external negotiations.)
  4. Do something towards your intentions.

I tell you what, this is complete overkill and it’s likely you won’t read past the first page,  but this is the framework for the first 5 weeks of our TEAMSsm Leadership Program, Level I. Download this SMART Goal Setting-Workbook, print it, read through it once real quick and then decide if some or all of it might work for you as a template for thinking some stuff through. 


Here’s what I know.

  • Being a business owner requires a lot of skills and offers endless room for improvement; improvement of self, improvement of systems, improvement of results! 
  • Somebody always knows more than I do. That goes for you too. You know more than I do about something and somebody knows more than you, it could be me 😉 about something else.
  • Most of us coaches, mentors, trainers and consultants aren’t saying anything original. We just add our special seasoning to flavor the “how to”. It is your job to find the flavor you like so you may get the best and most of the time you put in and the experience you get out.
  • The best ways I may serve you is by sticking it out, by staying with you, by giving you the time to make the change you want and be comfortable in your new skin. Supporting you in building your confidence with new skills and new ways of being. That’s why our programs happen in 3-month “chunks” and you may attend at your own pace and only as far as you want to go.
  • I know that learning happens best out loud. When we discuss and ponder and fiddle with ideas is when they flourish and get to fully develop. That’s why, even though I have a few 1:1 coaching clients, I encourage team activity and all of my services are structured in groups.
  • If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s worth adding all the skills needed to execute well. Otherwise, business is painful and loses its luster fast.
  • When you win at the game of business it is fun and fulfilling and full of joy and laughing and money!
NOTE: All of our programs give you a straight-up FREE Guarantee.  ANY DAY you don’t think what we’re doing together is getting you closer to what YOU WANT.

Then you get your money back.  Right there, and right then. Period. We do this because we want you to feel as safe as possible with this new stuff. 

Read our FAQ and learn more

We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t believe in our INCREDIBLE APPROACH: Live interactive group sessions TEAMS. TEAMS win championships. Teams get things done. Let me, an Executive Advisor with over 10 years of experience at this, and my team, help you grow your team, grow your company, grow your results. Let’s create invaluable, effective change for your business that you can measure and make money from.

If you’ve read this far then TEAMS (Training, Education, Accountability, Masterminding, System) is THE RIGHT THING for YOU.  You’re looking for an answer.  You know that there’s got to be a better way.  Chances are you’re so bogged down trying to keep the wheels on the bus that you can’t even imagine that you can change direction. But you can. Just like the hundreds of other clients we’ve helped. You’re not alone. “Click on” an Executive Advisor who makes a difference in your business and let’s see what we can do together. 

Don’t let another day, another hour, go by without making a change. 

In the words of Albert Einstein
“Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.”

You are that something!

So Move…  Learn more about TEAMS.
Make the call.  Or, drop me a line.


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